Sorry, seems to be a blip

30 Oct

Something funny happened when I tried to upload two old photos of me looking thoughtful. Quite likely there was something wrong with the photos themselves, because it seemed to be this that was causing problems. Never mind, at least everything seems to be back to normal. Sorry about this if you received two extra posts.

I was preparing myself for the new Bootsnall prompt and write-session through November. I used to write the odd article for Bootsnall in the old days before I settled in one country, but of course while I’ve settled here I’ve been travelling a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of this part of Poland especially, so there might be something in this prompt thing. Or there might not be. There might, for example, be an essay relecting on the nature of travel, or some kind of treatise on the way things have changed in travelling as with everything else. Or they might ask simple questions like your favourite place this year or something. I know for sure I will not answer all the prompts; I may end up answering none of them, and there’s always the danger that it might keep my creative mind focussed on more than one thing, such as the novel/ short stories I am writing.

An old, wise literary agent once said to me: ‘ you can’t write a play, a symphony and a novel at the same time!’ She had a good point. All of these things require hours of concentration and hard work; a blog, unless you want to be up there with the gods of blogging , doesn’t so much. So I shan’t be doing short stories, poems, novel and blog at the same time, hence the paucity in all probability to my replies to the prompts. But it’ll be interesting to see what the nature of these prompts will be.


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