The inspiration of opening the Mostowski Palace.

5 Feb

Ostromecko, a village near Bydgoszcz, is the home of Ostromecko mineral water. It also boasts the Ostromecko estate, with two fine old buildings – the first one you see, and the newer one, is a neoclassical palace. You can have a delicious meal there in its cafe/ restaurant. It does one of the best cheesecakes I’ve tried.

 Further in to the estate, and overlooking a stunning view of the grounds and a tributary of the Vistula beyond,  the older building is a Rococo-style building which was originally a manor house of the noble Chelmno family of Dorpowski  before it became the residence of the Mostowskis in the 18th century. It now belongs to the Pomeranian Philharmonic. It has recently been restored and we went and had a look around it and the collection of beautiful old pianos and furnishings that it now houses.

Walking around estate rating: 5 star

Mostowski palace collection of pianos rating: 5 star

More about Ostromecko and other historic places in future.


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