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Now the Polish summer is in full swing.

14 Jun

Though it’s only mid-June, all the charateristics of a Polish summer have started. At the moment, we’re enjoying lovely summery weather, and even lovelier strawberries, fresh from the fields. There have been walks in the centre of Bydgoszcz, past the old town square and on to Mill Island, and I had my first swim of the season, traditionally somewhere in the countryside in the Brda upstream. It was as delicious as those strawberries, though the water was cold. Back in Bydgoszcz, and I’ve had some afternoon-flavoured drinks with my wife and a few friends overlooking the same river in the marina.

We shot the breeze about subjects as far apart as the Greek crisis, to how Mill Island used to be in the days before they gentrified it. There was a patch of river in those days, according to one of my friends, where they used to compete to see who could spot the most condoms floating in the water. Now you wouldn’t even see half a condom, but you do see boats and great views.

I often mention Mill Island because it’s just one example of how this city is reinventing itself without losing the essential character of the place. People often don’t get the point of Bydgoszcz until they see it in the summer. The sunny weather highlights the cobbled central square and Dluga street, the Island and the river and various architectural gems, not to mention the parks, the flowers and the trees.