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Ostromecko on film

14 Feb

I have finished editing the video film my wife and I have been making about the Ostromecko estate in Poland. We still are reserving a couple of Rosarium shots for June, but bascially the film is complete for the moment. I have enjoyed making films again after a long time when I didn’t go near a camera.

It began a couple of years ago when I started camcording pictures for my mother- in- law to see what Greece looks like, and it moved on, over time, to filming places around where we live in Poland, my wife’s relatives places, etc.  The educational value of doing these films about Poland in English is something I have exploited quite happily in the classroom, since there is a large emphasis on the visual, and plenty of vocabulary to be extracted from it, not to mention activities you can do with film technique itself, e.g. choosing the ‘right’ piece of music to go with the images (in English, of course).

And there are always questions to be answered. For example, what happened to the families that owned these gorgeous buildings? My knowledge is at best sketchy – I haven’t begun that kind of exploration yet, but, as a writer, it would be fun to do a bit of research and find out. Maybe there’s a novel in it somewhere, when I’ve finished the present one I’m working on. This is a thriller with a touch of the supernatural. As far as I know, neither of the houses on the Ostromecko estate boast ghosts, but maybe someone will create one. In the meantime, the only legend I came across was that the eagle statue on top of the Mostowski building and a mural on the ceiling depicting the same bird of prey was because Mostowski once saw one of these magnificent birds perching on the roof and took it as a good omen.