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Collegium Vocale Bydgoszcz concert

4 Mar

The Collegium Vocale Bydgoszcz celebrated their twentieth anniversary yesterday by giving a concert in Ostromecko Palace. They were accompanied by early-instrument colleagues, who played as beautifully as the singers sang. Sometimes soulful, sometimes joyful, there was plenty of variety in the madrigals, songs and pieces themselves, as professionals always know how to make madrigals and similar pieces – at the amateur level usually more fun to sing than to listen to – resonate with an audience. Three of the madrigals were by “Michal of Bydgoszcz”, in fact one of the members of the singing team.  The packed audience enjoyed themselves and the atmosphere was warm and intimate, so the concert itself often had the feel of a private party, which was entirely appropriate to the occasion.  There was coffee, tea,  wine, and cake afterwards. 

We enjoyed the occasion and came away from the evening both moved and refreshed.